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Why You Should Celebrate Mistakes At Practice

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This blog post on handling mistakes comes from US Lacrosse, a longtime PCA National Partner. Whether you're a coach, parent or athlete, you know from your time in sports that handling mistakes is one of the most difficult challenges in youth sports (and life!) How coaches handle mistakes at practice sets the tone for how players will react to them, how much effort they'll give, and ultimately, how successful they'll be.

In his post, Wendell Lee of US Lacrosse suggests that by celebrating mistakes, and the effort players put in to develop new skills, coaches can create a team culture of trust and hard work.

A Double-Goal Coach® knows that helping players bounce back and learn from mistakes is a critical step in helping them to play with less anxiety and to put forth maximum effort.

To read more from US Lacrosse on celebrating mistakes, click the link below.

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