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US Youth Soccer Pocket Soccer Guide

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PCA is proud to share this resource from our National Partner, US Youth Soccer (@USYouthSoccer). Designed as a game-time resource, this "Pocket Soccer Guide" is something that parents and other spectators can bring with them to games to ensure they know the rules of the game and what each player's role is.

PCA believes that all parents should be Second-Goal Parents® who focus on helping their children glean life-lessons from sports, while they leave winning up to the coaches. One way that parents can support their children in sports is to understand the rules and be positive supporters from the sidelines.

We all know that conflict sometimes exists between parents on the sidelines and referees. Often these conflicts are misunderstandings which stem from parents not fully understanding the rules of a sports that may be new to them.

Before your child's next soccer game, print out this handy Pocket Soccer Guide and be a strong supporter from the stands!

Click below to download this resource from US Youth Soccer.

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