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Top 10 Reasons Athletes May Not Report Concussions

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The Concussion Legacy Foundation defines a negative concussion culture as a team environment where athletes don't feel comfortable talking about concussions. This can prevent athletes from reporting possible concussions to a coach, athletic trainer, or team physician.

A recent study found the top ten reasons why athletes don't report possible concussions. You can see some of the reasons cited by athletes – like “I didn’t want to let my team down” and “I didn’t think it was serious” – in the image above.

Click below for the full ranked list of reasons athletes don’t report concussions, along with solutions you can implement to make sure your athletes know what is expected of them. Coaches and team leaders have the power to set a positive concussion culture, starting with the Team Up Speak Up Speech. Talk to your team today to make sure every athlete knows they have a responsibility to speak up if they suspect a teammate has a concussion.

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