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Students With Disabilities Need Sports Too

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At this link, Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, explains why we must provide equal opportunity in sports to students with disabilities. While Duncan remarks that “Playing sports at any level—club, intramural, or interscholastic—can be a key part of the school experience and have an immense and lasting impact on a student’s life” he also acknowledges that “students with disabilities are no different.” When kids participate in sports, they develop leadership skills, focus, and physical fitness, but Duncan explains that it may be even more important for kids with disabilities to develop these skills.

Although they are often denied opportunities, there is no reason that they should not be given the same chance as others to reap the benefits of sports. Despite the obvious challenges that come for students with an intellectual, developmental, physical, or any other disability, these students can use sports as a pathway to development like anyone else. Their disability does not mean they should be excluded from sports, Duncan says, as the disabled should have the opportunity to learn life lessons through sports as well.

This information is brought to you by The U.S. Department of Education, a Cabinet-level department of the United States government that strives to provide equal opportunities for education and promote civil rights for all.

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