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Nutrition: Insights From The Elite On What To Eat

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Proper nutrition, diet, and eating habits contribute to the success of elite athletes. Here are brief summaries of suggestions from several as compiled by STACK, a publisher of material primarily for high school athletes.

  • Peyton and Eli Manning: Lighter carb load
  • Dwight Howard: Healthy dinner affects performance
  • Misty May-Treanor: Bacon isn’t always bad
  • Torii Hunter: Breakfast is the foundation of good day
  • Allyson Felix: Always good breakfast, often oatmeal
  • Von Miller: Carbs that easily break down for fuel
  • Chrissie Wellington: Balanced meal

While each of these athletes have slightly different approaches to their pre-game diets, all recognize how pre-competition diet can affect performance.

View more details on these athletes eating habits by following the link below.

This information is brought to you by, which exists to inspire and empower the next generation of athletes. In its mission to bridge the gap between professional and amateur athletes, STACK provides information and tools to young athletes hoping to achieve their athletic destiny. Through magazines, apps, and their website, they give insights for growing athletes on nutrition, training, gear, and more.

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