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Managing Emotions with Teammates: Red, Yellow, Green Technique

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Red Yellow Green is like a team traffic light that reminds us to stop, go, or proceed with caution whenever we get into conversations with our teammates:

  • Red means not good! You might be feeling distracted, distressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted.
  • Green means great! You might be feeling energized, happy, confident, or inspired.
  • Yellow is somewhere in between. You’re not too stressed, but not feeling great either.

By asking each other where we’re at, we create an opportunity for empathy, connection, and understanding. On a practical level, we also avoid having the right conversations at the wrong time.

This article by Connor Swenson (Speaker, Facilitator, Writer https://www.connorswenson.com/newsletter) gives a detailed overview of the Red, Yellow, Green technique, why it's effective, and how to put it into practice with your teams.

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  • URL: https://medium.com/@crswenny/red-yellow-green-the-traffic-light-that-can-transform-your-meetings-57544c59c56c
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