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How Youth Athletes Grow When Coaches And Parents Let Go

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This blog post on giving players freedom to grow comes from US Lacrosse, a longtime PCA National Partner. Parents and coaches want the best for their children and athletes. Too often, though, that desire leads to over coaching and micro-managing the player's every on-field move.

In his post, Wendell Lee of US Lacrosse suggests that parents and coaches step back and let go to a degree: ceding control lets players experiment in a safe environment so they can learn and grow.

A Double-Goal Coach® knows that mistakes are ok, and that the teachable moments that arise from mistakes help young athletes learn valuable life lessons. Sometimes the best way for these things to happen is for the adults to step back and loosen the reigns a bit.

To read more from US Lacrosse on the coach and parent roles in youth sports, click the link below.

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