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HeadSharp: Improving Mental Fitness and Confidence

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Everyone wants to be more confident but just wishing to be more confident or telling an athlete they need to ‘believe in themselves more’ is not enough. Champion athletes share several traits in common including unwavering, self-confidence. The good news is that these traits can be taught to up your confidence game both on the field and in the classroom.

HeadSharp’s confidence system will help athletes understand how to build confidence through self evaluation, recalling previous success and most importantly, taking action!

The HeadSharp Confidence System contains 5 Levels of mental fitness training with exercises to be completed over 5 days (1 each day):

  • Level 1: Champion Traits
  • Level 2: Send it! - Train to Act
  • Level 3: Strengths (Teach athletes how to build on strengths!)
  • Level 4: Doubts (Help athletes turn doubt into determination!)
  • Level 5: Anchoring (Teach athletes about confidence anchors and how to set anchors with tips and guided exercises like meditation— we recommend this be used for athletes 13& up.)

Click the link below to start your mental training to boost confidence!

These tips have been brought to you by HeadSharp.

If you want more tips on mental fitness check out the HeadSharp App to stay mentally sharp on and off the field! Get your mental reps in today with HeadSharp!

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