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Diving 101 For Coaches, Athletes And Spectators

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This resource from USA Diving gives coaches, athletes, parents and spectators an introduction to the basics of types of dives, body positions, judging and competing.

Diving types are divided into six groups: forward, backward, reverse, inward, twisting and armstand. Dives are also described by the body position, of which there are five: pike, tuck, synchro, straight, and free.

Dives are called by their full name (e.g. reverse 3 1/2 somersault with 1/2 twist) or by their numerical identification or “dive number" (e.g. 5371D). Twisting dives utilize four numerical digits, while all other dives use three. More details on how to name a dive are contained at the resource link below.

Information on how judges evaluate dives is also detailed, from the components of a dive, to the scoring, and make-up of the panel are all explored. Additionally, there's an in-depth description of men's, women's, junior's and platform competitions.

To brush up on your diving basics, click the link below!

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