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Concussion Checklist From Concussion Legacy Foundation

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PCA National Advisory Board member, Chris Nowinski (@ChrisNowinski1), a former WWE wrestler and Harvard football player, founded the Concussion Legacy Foundation (formerly Sports Legacy Institute) in 2007 to help solve the concussion crisis in sports.

Nowinski, having himself suffered from traumatic brain injuries from his amateur and professional playing days, is a great supporter of positive coaching and has dedicated himself to concussion awareness through prevention and education programs.

Among many other resources and programs, the Concussion Legacy Foundation has developed a ten-point checklist for organizations, coaches and parents to use as a guide to make sports safer and more brain-friendly for our young athletes. The ten areas of focus are:

1) Education
2) Prevention
3) Removal-from-play
4) Return-to-play
5) Return-to-school
6) Return-to-life
7) Medical Infrastructure
8) Equipment
9) Rules & Penalties
10) Playing Areas & Surfaces

To access the checklist for more detailed information, and to begin to make sports safer for your athletes today, click below!

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