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Avoiding Overuse Injuries: A 5-Step Plan

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Overuse injuries are at an all-time high in youth sports, but athletes can take steps to avoid them. Mike Mejia, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and founder of BASE Sports Conditioning, argues that avoiding early specialization in one sport, taking breaks, training your brain, improving flexibility, and finding time to recover lead to overall better performance and health of athletes.

More detail on these five steps:
A) Avoiding early specialization in one sport can help you maintain overall athleticism.
B) Taking Breaks helps to recharge an athlete's mental batteries and avoid continued repetitive stress.
C) Training with the brain helps you stay mindful of your activity and consider what level is appropriate for you.
D) Improving flexibility is a constant struggle for athletes, and especially to a child's rapidly growing body.
E) Set aside some time for recovery so that when intense energy is required, it can be given.

Intensity is not the only way to improve, and in fact, a more holistic approach to your sport can allow for more success.

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