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The ABC’s Of Becoming A Complete Player

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Tiina Booth is a columnist for Ultiworld (@Ulti_world), the premier news source for the sport of ultimate, using in-depth reporting, video highlights, and articles to bring people the most interesting and important stories in ultimate frisbee from around the globe.

Here, Booth explains the ABC's of becoming a complete player: Awareness, Balance, and Communication.

All good things flow from the athlete who is self-aware. They are able to identify their weaknesses and embrace a coach’s suggestions. They can accept criticism and you never hear them be defensive.

The balanced player understands the importance of buy-in. They trust their team leaders. They do their best to attend every team event and can be counted on by everyone. They are also dedicated to being present mentally.

Sitting down with a teammate and looking them in the eyes to discuss a difficult topic can be daunting and some players are not ready to do it. But we all know that this is an essential lifelong skill and giving them the opportunity to do this under your guidance is important.

These steps build trust, which leads to coach-ability, which increases confidence in developing both complete players and coaches.

To learn these ABC's in more detail from Booth on Ultiworld, click the link below.

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