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10 Best Sports For Kids With ADHD Or Learning Disabilities

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Choosing the right sport or activity for your child with ADHD/LD can make all the difference in boosting focus, mood and self-esteem. Although "exercise is proven to help control ADHD symptoms," not all sports are created equal. Depending on your child’s unique set of symptoms, certain sports may be more advantageous than others. Here, parents and experts list 10 recommended sports that work particularly well for ADHD kids.

1) Swimming - Helps to give ADHD children structure and guidance.
2) Martial Arts- Teaches respect and discipline.
3) Tennis - Provides individualistic competition.
4) Gymnastics - Increases focus and overall awareness.
5) Wrestling - A way to positively channel emotions.
6) Soccer - Gives kids with ADHD a sense of camaraderie.
7) Horseback Riding - Teaches kids to mirror their horse’s behavior changes.
8) Track and Cross Country - Teaches discipline and pacing.
9) Archery - Teaches responsibility and intense focus.
10) Baseball - Teaches patience and sportsmanship.

When picking a sport, also remember that coaches have a huge impact. Most coaches are well-meaning parents who know little about ADHD, but an understanding coach can go a long way.

This information is brought to you by ADDitude Magazine, an online resource that gives information about ADHD symptoms, medication, treatment, diagnosis, and parenting ADD children.

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