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Team Chemistry And Team Culture

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Positive team chemistry is highly sought after, as it often separates successful and unsuccessful teams. Essentially, team chemistry is how well team members work together and support each other to achieve their goals. In many ways the team culture dictates the team chemistry, and that’s why you, as a Triple-Impact Competitor®, can help improve your team’s chemistry.

When everyone on a team feels they will benefit from success, efforts will increase. This means all individual players must feel valued and recognized for their contributions, even those that aren’t the star players.

In this excerpt you’ll find the qualities of winning team cultures, which will influence team chemistry. The list includes communication, cohesion, complementary roles and several more which all contribute to developing a positive team culture. Use the worksheet included in this excerpt to rank you team on these team culture components. Where can you improve? How can you participate in strengthening your team’s chemistry?

This PDF was excerpted from Jim Thompson’s (@JimThompson18) book Elevating Your Game. To purchase the entire book, and to learn more about other PCA books, click here.

These books are used in PCA’s live workshops. To learn more about our interactive student-athlete workshops, click here.

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