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Developing Double Vision

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Double vision is an important part of being a Triple-Impact Competitor®, because it means you are focused on improving yourself while simultaneously focusing on the team. Double vision allows you to look both inward and outward for the betterment of the team.

One way to think of this dueling competition for your focus is using the analogy of window vs. mirror. When it’s window time, you focus externally on your team. When it’s mirror time, your focus should be internal. Knowing when to look through a window or into a mirror takes assessment of the situation and an understanding of what’s going to best help your team.

For example, during team success, should the focus be on yourself or your teammates? Likely this is an opportunity to look through the window and shine the spotlight on your teammates. When you are subbed out of a game, and you're sitting on the bench it's tempting to look 100% into the mirror ("Why was I subbed out? When will I get back in?"), but this is important ""window"" time (to see what is happening on the field and to encourage your teammates).

Tough times and competitive situations are sure to blur your double vision. Finding this balance requires emotional maturity and an understanding of the “big picture." However, selflessness is a trait that will get you far in life.

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