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Coaching Is Teaching At Its Best!

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Harold "Bud" Boughton, known as 'Coach B', is a Husband, father, former college football player, coach and educator, sales professional, former senior executive, and author. He most recently published Coaching Is Teaching At Its Best!, a guide for youth coaches in all sports.

See an excerpt from that book below.

*When applying for almost any coaching job, there is a good chance that the hiring authority, be it the Athletic Director, Head Coach or even the administrative head of the institution may ask you this question, “What is your coaching philosophy?”

For me, I can answer the question in one sentence: “Coaching is Teaching at its Best!”

While I might like to tell you that this philosophy is truly mine, it really was handed down to me by an outstanding college football coach some 40 years ago.

Over the years, I learned to accept the reality that not everyone can be that “A” player no matter how well they are coached. I did, however, understand that what was most important was that I needed to be the absolute best teacher I could be whenever I was coaching anyone.*

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