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Kidpower's Irene van der Zande: Keeping Kids Safe From Abuse In Sports

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Listen in as Positive Coaching Alliance goes 1-on-1 in interviews with top pro and college players, coaches, executives and other major sports figures who provide tips, tools, information and inspiration for youth and high school sports coaches, parents and student-athletes.

This 1-on-1 interview features Irene van der Zande, PCA National Advisory Board Member and the Founder and Executive Director of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, a global nonprofit leader dedicated to protecting people of all ages and abilities from bullying, violence, and abuse by empowering them with knowledge and skills. She is the driving force behind PCA's sexual abuse prevention resources.

Jim Thompson (@JimThompson18), PCA Founder, talks to van der Zande about how to best keep kids safe in sport. She talks about how kids can be affected by adults and other kids, and how it’s important to teach and set boundaries. Kids with an empowered voice will stand up for themselves and contribute to monitoring the safety of their environment. She also discusses the importance of kids feeling like they will be heard. Parents, coaches and team leaders can contribute to a child’s safety by making it clear that they will listen and not punish when a child opens up about abuse. Here's where you'll find Zande talking about featured topics:

  • Coaching Own Child- 5:00, 45:15
  • Parent/Coach Conflict- 29:10

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