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Claudio Reyna: Balancing Player Development With A Drive To Win Games

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Listen in as Positive Coaching Alliance goes 1-on-1 in interviews with top pro and college players, coaches, executives and other major sports figures who provide tips, tools, information and inspiration for youth and high school sports coaches, parents and student-athletes.

This 1-on-1 interview features PCA National Advisory Board Member and Soccer Hall of Famer, Claudio Reyna (@ClaudioReyna). Reyna is the Former Captain of the US Men's National Soccer Team and one of the greatest soccer players the US has ever produced. The University of Virginia teams he played on won the national championship in each of his three years. His World Cup career for the U.S. covered 1994 through 2006, and in 2002 he was the first American player ever chosen for a FIFA All WorldCup team. Reyna represented the US in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He also played professionally in Europe for 12 years. Reyna served as Director of Football Operations for MLS’s New York City FC from 2013-19, and recently took the role of Sporting Director for Austin FC.

David Jacobson (formerly at PCA) talks to Reyna about the relative value of winning games at the youth level in balance with developing youth as players and as people. Soccer is one of the most specialized sports these days, with athletes competing year-round early in life to be recognized as elite players. Reyna emphasizes for youth, however, the key is just to have kids fall in love with the game by learning and having fun. He doesn’t believe in tryouts for youth teams, because this is damaging to a child’s enjoyment of sports. Listen to this interview for more on Reyna’s take on the condition of youth soccer today. Here's where to find Claudio talking about featured topics:

  • Coaching Own Child- 18:10

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