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Sample YSO Volunteer Job Description

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Youth sports leagues across this country function, in large part, because of the dedication of countless volunteers. Parents and other community members give many hours of their time each year to ensure that there are enough volunteer coaches, officials and board members for leagues to run smoothly.

One great way to encourage people to volunteer, and to have them enjoy the experience, is to clearly communicate the role you're asking them to assume and to spell out the expectations and responsibilities. Often times people might be hesitant to volunteer because they aren't sure how much time they'll have to commit, or they don't feel properly trained. If you take time to write volunteer job descriptions, and provide your volunteers with adequate training, word will spread that volunteering for your organization is a positive and impactful experience.

For each volunteer job description, be sure to include an overview of responsibilities, any qualifications associated with the position, and a point of contact for interested individuals. Have job descriptions completed by registration so you can recruit parents as they sign up their children!

Check out this PDF for a sample volunteer job description.

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