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Sample Script for Opening Game Day

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Opening game day is an exciting time for everyone involved in your league. While enthusiasm hopefully abounds for coaches, parents and athletes, it’s also an important time to reiterate the mission and culture of your league. Since you have so many people gathered together, it's key for the president to communicate core league values and messages to the group.

If you’re assuming this role on opening day, start by thanking the board members and other league volunteers for their dedication and time. Be sure to acknowledge all sponsors, as their financial support is critical for success. Perhaps most importantly, remind everyone of the mission of your league by reading your mission statement. Reinforce your positive culture, and detail the board's expectations around behavior and conduct by coaches, parents and athletes. Close by reminding attendees of any important dates on the league calendar, and thank everyone in advance for a great season.

Check out this PDF for more suggestions for opening day success!

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