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As a youth sports organization leader, you’ll want to start planning for your season and league registrations well in advance. Many administrators begin preparations more than four months in advance! A little planning up front will go a long way to ensuring turnout and successful execution of registration.

Planning should begin with determining your registration location, if it is taking place in-person. Make up your promotional materials well in advance so that everything is ready to go when you're ready to start marketing to the community. If possible, check with local schools to see if you're permitted to distribute flyers. About one month out, distribute all of your flyers, press releases and other promotional materials.

On the day of your YSO registrations, make sure you have enough volunteers to efficiently process your expected volume of registrants. Take particular care in verifying the age of the player and proof of residency.

For more details on a registration timeline, see this sample and plan for success.

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