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Reshaping The Halftime Speech

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This resource is proudly brought to you by GameChanger - a company on a mission to help every amateur sports team be more efficient, informed and connected through a software platform that changes the way teams collect, manage and share information.

Ever find yourself struggling to pull together the right information to get the right message across to your players at halftime? We've all been there. Halftime is a crucial opportunity to refocus and motivate your athletes, but it takes quick thinking and facts to install changes for the second half.

While many coaches continue to rely on paper stat sheets or notes from the sidelines, some are turning to mobile scorekeeping apps to help clear the path to an impactful halftime message. One key tool for enabling quick, accurate recording and compilation of those stats is GameChanger, a free app for iOS devices that can be uploaded via and administered by up to three people so teams of assistants can collaborate on sharing and interpreting data.

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