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Officials -- Take A Mastery Approach During The Off-Season

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During the off-season officials can still take a mastery approach toward their craft by following these steps.

First, it’s important to set specific goals for yourself as you end your current season of competition. It may be months before you officiate again, so while it’s still fresh in your mind write down what you’d like to improve for next season. Then, come up with an action plan for working on these improvements. See if you can attend a workshop for officials or a seminar of updated rules for your sport. Take advantage of resources through state associations and national sporting leagues.

Encourage new officials to join, and mentor their journey. Officials often dropout, and it’s important that dedicated officials help mentor those that are new to the field. Having steady referees and officials will help keep the game safe and rules consistent.

Finally, consider signing up for off-season scrimmages or practices. To avoid getting rusty, spend time officiating at a practice or off-season game.

See the PDF below for more details on how you can take a mastery approach as an official, referee, umpire or judge during the off-season.

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