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Officials -- Mastering Your Approach To Pre-Competition Time

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As a sports official, taking a mastery approach as you prepare for competition allows you to focus on things you can control: your effort, your willingness to learn new things and your reaction when you think you might have made a mistake. When you have control, your anxiety goes down and your self-confidence goes up.

If you’re looking for ways to use a mastery approach before you officiate a competition, there are three recommended strategies. Follow this approach for optimal game prep. The first is to establish goals for yourself. Hold yourself accountable to these standards and do what you can to meet your goals.

The second is to use visualization. Just like we teach athletes to visualize their successes on the field, you should too. It helps to visualize yourself making the right calls and keeping the play safe, and it might also help to visualize the worst possible situation you could face. That way, if you are faced with such a situation, you’ll have already mentally prepared.

Lastly, make time management a top priority. First impressions are important, so do everything you can up until the time you meet the coaches and athletes to prepare. If you arrive late or aren’t ready come game time, it will let in doubt and cause concern.

See the PDF below for more details on how you can take a mastery approach as you prepare to officiate, referee, umpire or judge during competition.

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