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Officials: Maintain A Level Head Before Competition

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In order to maintain a level head during competition, officials, judges, umpires and referees are best served by also preparing for competition with a level head. Your job is to enforce the rules of competition, and this is done most effectively when you can avoid getting overly excited about anything – either positive or negative. Prepare your emotions for competition before it starts, and you’ll be more ready to handle what happens during competition.

One approach is to develop a transition routine, an activity or two that you perform before every game to help you focus. Consistent execution of the routine is crucial to having it fixed in your mentality once competition starts.

You might also use this time to think about your goals as an official. Are there things you’d like to improve upon from last game? Is there a rule or safety precaution you need to remind yourself of before competition begins? Before the game is the time to focus on these details and to get yourself to the point of mental and emotional readiness to maintain a level head.

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