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How A Texas Football Team Showed Respect In Crunchtime

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A JV matchup between The Woodlands School and Tompkins High School football team in Houston came down to the wire, with Woodlands looking to take the lead with 5 seconds to go on the 1 yard line.

However, at just that moment, a player for Tompkins went down with a life threatening injury. Rather than take the lead , coaches and players of The Woodlands School demonstrated that there are things in life that matter more than winning.

Read below and learn from their actions and post-game comments collected by Rob Tate of the Houston Chronicle to see how life lessons can take precedent in a game situation:

  • Coaches and players of The Woodlands School decided to kneel out of respect for the injured player rather than take the lead. Tompkins went on to win the game. This demonstrated the utmost respect for opponents.

  • "If we would have lined up and punched it into end zone, do we celebrate?" Colschen said. "And if they stop us, do they celebrate? Their teammate is about to be LifeFlighted. It just was the right thing to do."

  • "It made me feel relieved," Ferrini said. "I didn't want to do that to them. I felt happy that we could let them go with the victory after they lose one of their players."

These actions demonstrate there is more to sports than winning, especially when a life is on the line. The Woodlands JV football team exemplifies how to walk that talk, rather than talk the talk, for all other teams, coaches, and athletes around the country.

For all coaches and athletes in similar situations, this serves as a great example of how to put sportsmanship into action.

This is a PCA commentary based on Rob Tate's article in the Houston Chronicle here.

Download the full PDF below to learn more about how you can follow in this teams footsteps and respect injured opponents.

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