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How To Approach A Possible Sponsor

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Finding local sponsors for your youth sports organization is a great way to involve the community while providing extra financial support. Finding sponsors might seem challenging, but any business in the community is a potential sponsor and many are willing to help out local teams. The most likely sponsors are those that have a connection to the league, such as the business of a relative of a participant, or those that serve many of the participants, such as a local pizza parlor.

When approaching a sponsor, be prepared with information about the league, ideas on how the sponsor’s name would be promoted, and a number of how much you would like the sponsor to give. You can even bring the potential sponsor a packet of information about your league so that they understand the culture of your team and what they'll be aligning their brand with.

Sponsors are often more willing to sponsor a specific item, such as the uniform cost for a team, than just give money to the league for general purposes. Consider how much some of these items cost before you approach a business, and be ready to ask for a certain amount.

Review the article found below for more ideas about approaching local sponsors.

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