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Establishing A Player Mentorship Program

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Coaches need not be the only voice of encouragement and instruction that their players hear. Player-to-player relationships, especially in a mentor-to-mentee program as described here, can be extremely effective in strengthening your team culture.

This resource provides five key areas to consider when establishing a mentorship program:

  • Getting veteran players on-board
  • Developing a set of expectations
  • Assigning a mentor to each younger player
  • Providing time and structure for mentoring
  • Checking in regularly with mentors and mentees.

Within each section are specific tips and do's and don'ts that will help coaches guide both mentors and mentees in making the most of this process. The mentorship program is a great way to get players to buy in to your values as a coach and to get them to help perpetuate your ideals as players graduate from the team and as younger players advance to mentorship positions and help bring along those players who are newest to your program.

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