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Create Awards To Reward Effort, Not Talent Or Mere Participation

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By Lynette Lange, Crown Trophy

Read below for suggested award titles that help you create an award that recognizes a strength, ability, or character quality an individual is learning, growing, or developing.

Whatever the title of the award, it should be specific to something that individual has done, is doing, has learned or demonstrated. The items we recognize will be things that grow, your team or group will come to understand they are desired and encouraged character traits, and they will grow and strive to meet those expectations. The individual will also believe in themselves as a learner, listener, encourager, etc as they are recognized for those character and skill traits.

• Best Encourager

• Best “event of the season” (outfield catch, slide to home base, header goal, etc.)

• Most improved (be specific about growth area)

• Most team spirit

• Best listener

• Most engaged

• Most inquisitive learner

• Best teammate

• Most cooperative

• Most helpful (be specific as to what person did)

• Best instructor

• Most positive attitude

• Success seeker

• Most disciplined skill development

• Most energetic

• Boldness

• Most willing to learn

• Has most game wisdom

• Gives most compliments

• Most committed to practice

• Best sense of humor

• Most responsible (be specific with what)

• Trustworthy

• Prepared

• Most willing to try

• Most respectful to coaches, referees, parents, etc.

• Most positive

• Best team "glue"(these individuals hold the team together)

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