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Double-Goal Coaches focus on the scoreboard and on life lessons by using the endless procession of teachable moments that sports offers. Here are simple but powerful things you can do to have a lifetime impact on your athletes as a Double-Goal Coach®.

1.) Talk about Double-Goal Coaching principles (a lot!). Introduce ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learn- ing, bounce back from Mistakes), Emotional Tank, and ROOTS of Honoring the Game (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, Self) to players early and reinforce them often throughout the season.

2.) Use a Mistake Ritual. Athletes will never reach their potential (in sports or life) if they fear mistakes. Teach them a mistake ritual (e.g., “flushing” mistakes) and use it to help them focus on the next play.

3.) Use Positive Charting. Chart the good things your players do in games and start the next practice by recognizing each player in turn. Try to have at least two things for each player. Use PCA’s Positive Charting Form as a template.

4.) Use the Buddy System. Positive reinforcement works better and players with full E-Tanks perform better and have more fun! As a coach, its tough to do all of the tank-filling, so pair players up to fill the E-Tanks of their buddies. Recognize players after games who filled teammate’s E-Tanks.

5.) Make Parents an Asset to your Team. If parents support you and the team everyone will have a better experience. Hold a Parent Meeting before the season and get their buy-in to Double-Goal Coaching principles as well as your plan for the season. Share PCA’s Parent-Guardian Letter with them and have them sign the PCA Parent Pledge.

Help transform the culture of youth sports. Embrace your role as a Double-Goal Coach and let people know that you are coaching to develop great people as well as great athletes. Encourage others to become part of the PCA Movement.

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