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6 Stages All Recruits Must Go Through To Play In College

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This resource is proudly brought to you by a PCA Trusted Resource - FieldLevel - a private social network for sports recruiting and scouting. Coaches from high school, club/travel, junior college, 4-year, and professional levels connect together to help athletes get recruited more efficiently and effectively from all over the world.

The recruiting process can leave athletes and their parents confused. Use these 6 outlined steps to keep yourself on track and aware of where you are in the recruiting process:

  1. You must be IDENTIFIED -- You need to be noticed and make it known to coaches that you want to play college sports.
  2. You must be EVALUATED -- Coaches need to assess your abilities and gather information about you to see if you are a good fit for their program.
  3. You must be ENGAGED -- This is when coaches contact you personally.
  4. You must be OFFERED -- Coaches offer you a genuine playing opportunity at the next level.
  5. You become COMMITTED -- After being offered, you make a verbal commitment to one school. You can still change your mind or wait to sign.
  6. You become SIGNED -- This is the final step. Once you sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI), you are legally bound to play for a college team.

For more details on these 6 steps, including tips for each step, download the PDF below.

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