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5 Sun Safe Tips For Athletes In The Sun

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Block the Blaze is a John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF) funded youth skin cancer education program. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. with 3.6 million people diagnosed annually, and it is on the rise.

The program aims to educate youth about sun safety and skin cancer with an emphasis on skin cancer prevention and self-screening.

Summer Sanders, a PCA National Advisory Board Member, is the official Block the Blaze volunteer spokesperson! In October of 2014, her life changed forever when she learned she had a malignant melanoma. Luckily she is cancer free after catching them very early.

In this PDF download, you can learn the value, in detail, of these 5 sun safe tips:

1) Apply Sunscreen

2) Put on a Hat

3) Wear Sunglasses

4) Cover with Clothing

5) Seek Shade

To learn more about Block the Blaze please click here.

To learn about Block the Blaze and the Newport Beach junior lifeguards please watch here.

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation provides two of the five sun safe tips; complimentary* sunscreen and hats to coaches who agree to give a Block the Blaze presentation and to record the number of youth who received the presentation. To learn more, please contact

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