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5 Keys To Getting Recruited To Play College Sports

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This resource is proudly brought to you by a PCA Trusted Resource - FieldLevel - a private social network for sports recruiting and scouting. Coaches from high school, club/travel, junior college, 4-year, and professional levels connect together to help athletes get recruited more efficiently and effectively from all over the world.

Successfully getting recruited to play college sports takes time and effort. Don't just hope it will happen, put yourself in a position to attain your goals. FieldLevel has made it easy by outlining 5 essential keys to getting recruited:

  1. Get Organized -- Potential college athletes need to assemble personal, academic, and athletic information and digitize it so it can be easily accessible to college recruiters.
  2. Respect your social media -- Examine all previous social media posts and remove anything that could be considered inappropriate. Recruiters can use this information to determine your character and future with a program.
  3. Get your coach’s assessment -- Figure out if your coach thinks you have the ability to play in college. This is usually overlooked by athletes and is the most useful tool for college coaches and recruiters.
  4. Build a list of target schools -- Create a list of schools that meet a variety of your own values and what you consider important. You want to be a part of a program where you can add value and have a positive experience.
  5. Get promoted by your coach -- Like applying to a job, it is important for a recruit to have a powerful introduction and references.

For more insights on these 5 steps, download the PDF below.

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