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Coach Evaluation Form for Parents

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Youth sports organization leaders and administrators should endeavor to be Single-Goal Leaders; the goal being to provide a positive, character-building youth sports environment for all youth and high school athletes. That includes a positive organizational culture for staff and for your business needs. Because coaches play a vital role in implementing this culture, it is crucial that leaders and administrators assess each season to make sure they are on the same page as the coaching staff.

At Positive Coaching Alliance, we recommend focusing on three core competencies for gauging your organization's coaches: ELM Tree of Mastery, Honoring the Game and Filling Emotional Tanks. A coach who embraces these standards while striving to win, while also pursuing the goal of teaching life lessons through sports, is considered a Double-Goal Coach®.

Though you will certainly draw conclusions based on your own interactions and observations of the coaches, parents can provide a useful perspective in this process. They have likely interacted very differently with the coaches, and they hear directly from the child about the coaching dynamic. This worksheet for parents to fill out is an easy way to gather this feedback and add to your own evaluations.

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