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Understanding Your Players' Body Language

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Jesse Mermuys is an Assistant Coach for the Sacramento Kings. Before joining the Kings, Mermuys was the Assistant Coach of the Lakers, and before that, Head Coach and Assistant GM of the Toronto Raptors D-League basketball team, the Raptors 905. Before his position with the Raptors 905, he was a former Assistant Coach for both the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets, where he also worked as Director of Player Personnel.

According to Mermuys, coaches are always analyzing everything they can, and nonverbal cues are no exception. When a player is so focused on performing well, however, they may not always be aware of the body language they display to others around them. Mermuys urges coaches to help athletes be aware of their body language, but he also tries to keep in mind that even if a player displays poor body language, that doesn't necessarily mean that's how they feel. Rather than focus solely on how the body language looks, Mermuys instead focuses on getting to know his players deeply, so he can get a further understanding of the causes of a players' body language, and know whether their body language is reflective of something problematic.