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Teach Kids To Focus On Something Specific To Eliminate Overthinking

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Jake Wald (@Jake_Wald) played collegiate baseball for George Washington University and then went on to have a 9 year pro career. He played at every level of the San Francisco Giants minor league system and finished his career in 2010 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. After briefly coaching college baseball, Jake joined Positive Coaching Alliance and is now the Business Development Manager, overseeing Chapter Expansion.

In this clip, Wald explains a trick to teaching youth tennis that is applicable to all kids learning a new sport. When a kid can't hit a tennis ball, have them swing and miss under it five times, and then swing and miss over it five times. Finally, have them try and hit the ball and you will see that they are now more successful because they are focused specifically on the ball rather than overthinking the process and being distracted by their surroundings. This skill is applicable to sports beyond tennis, as it shows that youth succeed when their attention is drawn to one specific thing or part of the game rather than being overwhelmed by the whole process at once.