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Summer Sanders: 4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Enjoy Sports

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Summer Sanders (@SummerSanders_), a PCA National Advisory Board Member, made a splash at Stanford University by winning six national titles in her two years. She then went on to win two gold medals, one silver, and one bronze at the 1992 Summer Olympics. Since retiring from the sport, Sanders has serves as hosted sports and entertainment shows on TV and is heavily involved in Right to Play, promoting the use of sport and play as a tool for positive childhood development.

In this video, Sanders explains the key role parents play in their children's enjoyment of sport. When Sanders was a kid, she enjoyed swimming because her parents provided a support structure for her based on these principles that any parent can use:

1) Match the commitment level of your kids.
2) Be genuinely happy for them.
3) Provide balance in their lives.
4) Understand their goals.

Providing balance can be a challenge because sports take up so much time, but for kids to continue loving sports it is important that parents help avoid the feeling that life revolves around the sport. Similarly, knowing specifics about your athletes' goals shows a level of caring that will support your children.