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Steve Young: What's The Plan?

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On April 28th, 2018 we welcomed more than 650 supporters of Positive Coaching Alliance to our annual National Youth Sports Awards & Benefit, honoring Steve Young. The event was highlighted, first and foremost, by Steve Young, who received the Ronald L. Jensen Award for Lifetime Achievement.

In this video, Young recounts a story that articulates the difference between "dreaming" and "planning." Growing up, Young's father would always ask, "What's the plan?" no matter if he had just been drafted into the NFL, was the 8th string QB at Brigham Young, or he had just wrapped up his NFL career.

This ALWAYS kept Steve thinking and preparing for life ahead, which helped him not only in his football career, but more importantly, in his life after sports.

As you watch this, you may think about that question- what's YOUR plan?

  • How might you help your coaches get better?
  • How might you help kids have a better experience next year?
  • How might you improve relationships between parents and coaches?

We all know that the world of youth and high school sports is no utopia- we can dream all we want about what we want it to be, but we must also always be asking, as Young says in the video below..."What's the plan?"