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Stephen Bardo: Coaching In The "Selfie Age"

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Stephen Bardo ( first gained fame as a starter on the 1988-1989 “Flyin’ Illini” team that reached the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four. Throughout the ‘90s, he played in the NBA, CBA and overseas. He currently serves as a commentator for FOX Sports 1 basketball coverage and presents his Point Guard Vision leadership training to youth and collegiate athletes.

In this video, Stephen explains that sports can teach youth how to work with people whose personalities are not enjoyable. If you perceive a teammate as selfish, "are you going to mope about it, or do you want to win?"

Other areas where this may come into consideration include getting along with teammates from different backgrounds, or who may be envious of your position and standing within the team. Of course, that translates to life outside of sports when you find yourself in disagreement with work colleagues or family members.

As Stephen points out, we are in the "selfie age." As more people seem more self-important, learning how to work and play with them presents unprecedented challenges.