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Spurs GM R.C. Buford: Coach's Job Doesn't Stop When The Game Ends

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R.C. Buford is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and is the President of sports franchises for Spurs Sports and Entertainment. In this current position, Buford serves as the GM of the Spurs (@spurs) while overseeing the sports administration for the other three teams in the SS&E family (Austin Spurs, Silver Stars and San Antonio Rampage). In the summer of 1997 he became the Spurs Director of Scouting, was promoted to Vice President/Assistant GM in the summer of 1999, and became the Spurs GM in 2002. In Buford's time with the Spurs, the team has won five NBA championships.

You often hear from leaders that there is more to life than sports. In this video, Buford shares if you really want to impact athletes, parents or coaches as a leader, it's important to realize the role you play in developing those groups for the rest of their lives. Buford urges leaders and coaches that play this impactful role to reflect on the gravity and impact of this role, because if you really know the impact of your job, you know your role as a leader or coach in developing people doesn't end when the game is over and your team has won or lost. Coaches and leaders that want to develop people fully need to care even when the game is over and done with.