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Sports Parents Need To Address Kids Needs, Not The Other Way Around

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Albert "AJ" Johnson (@AJinsuresME) played 8 years of professional football in the NFL, NFL Europe, and the CFL. AJ played for the Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets and was also a two-time CFL All-star. He is also the Chapter Executive Director for Positive Coaching Alliance in Houston. He has volunteered his time coaching little league baseball, youth football, and other sports at Houston St. Thomas High School. AJ Johnson is also a sports parent of twin boys, a daughter, and a younger son.

In this video, Johnson discusses the role that parents play in the student-athlete experience. As a sports parent himself, Johnson's biggest frustration with other sports parents is putting added pressure on to a kid when it's time for their kid to compete. To Johnson, it's ok if your kid isn't batting first in the lineup or in the starting five, as long as they are enjoying themselves. Parents need to be ok letting go and letting it be the kids experience, rather than it be their own. Often, parents put unnecessary pressure because they want something different from a kid than what they want themselves. Instead, parents should look at what a kid wants and needs from them rather than having their kid serve their own needs.