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Sonya Curry: Take A Step Back, Don't Solve All Your Kid's Issues

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Sonya Curry is the mother of current NBA players, Seth and Stephen Curry, and daughter, Sydel. As a former student-athlete, she played volleyball at Virginia Tech while earning a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Family Studies. Once graduating, she became a School Administrator and continues to use her experience to inspire and give back to her community.

In this video, Sonya talks about as life a parent: early on, she would want to help fix all of her children's problems and be involved in solving their issues but realized that she needed to take a step back. Through experience, she explains the importance of providing children with their own space to work through issues, giving them the opportunity to learn without parental influence. By giving them their space to learn that "life isn't always fair", they grow stronger and more prepared moving towards their future lives.