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Respect Opponents In Any Sport, Using Ultimate Frisbee's Spirit Circle

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Samantha Salvia is a championship athlete in two sports, Rhodes Scholar, water resources engineer, and mother of two. At Old Dominion University she won an NCAA Division I National Championship in field hockey and became Old Dominion’s first Rhodes Scholar. For more than a decade, she has played elite Ultimate Frisbee, winning multiple national and world championships with San Francisco Fury.

In this video, Salvia talks about how important the Spirit Circle is to the culture of Ultimate Frisbee. The Spirit Circle is a tradition in Ultimate where after the game players from each team alternate in a circle, linking arms and openly discussing the game. It's an opportunity to talk about what went well, and what could have gone better, including rules interpretations in this self-officiated sport. The Spirit Circle is is so important to the integrity of the game that the tradition is maintained at all levels of play and internationally.

Salvia would love to see the Spirit Circle implemented in other sports, because it's such a unique way of practicing sportsmanship and appreciating your opponents.