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Resources for an African American and LGBTQ+ Individual

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A former Division I basketball athlete, attorney and equity and inclusion strategist, Ashland Johnson’s past experiences all combined to found The Inclusion Playbook. The Inclusion Playbook is a sports impact project led with the goal of “empowering social change agents to transform communities in and through sports.” In 2016, Ashland was named as one of the 40 best LGBTQ+ lawyers under 40 by the National LGBT Bar Association. Ashland has also worked in numerous professional sports leagues such as the NBA and the NFL to strengthen their policies and programs surrounding inclusion, race, gender, and law.

An Olympic Gymnast, entrepreneur and part owner of the Chicago Red Stars, Joshua Dixon has a unique perspective regarding LGBTQ+ inclusivity in sports and his personal journey becoming an openly out athlete in gymnastics. Leading the Stanford Cardinals to win the 2011 NCAA Championship, he went on to win several bronze medals in the Winter Cup. Since graduating from Stanford and moving on from USA Gymnastics, Josh has championed for matters of racial/gender equity and LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport.

Both Ashland and Josh share several resources for an African American and LGBTQ+ individual. Ashland shares the organization "PFLAG" which stands for "Parents of Lesbians and Gays." Josh shares that the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, also has some good resources.