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Qualities Of A Leader

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Leslie Osborne is a former professional soccer player and PCA National Advisory Board member. She began her career at Santa Clara University, playing for PCA National Advisory Board Member Jerry Smith (@SCUJerrySmith). During her collegiate career she won an NCAA championship and was honored with the Honda Sports Award, given to the nation’s most outstanding collegiate female athlete. After college, she became a member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and played for several women’s professional soccer league teams before retiring in 2014.

In this clip, Osborne talks about leaders who have been the most effective in her life. She emphasizes the importance of being approachable and positive when leading a group of people. You want others to follow your lead and feel able to approach you with any issues. As Osborne mentions here, being a strong and positive leader does not necessarily mean being loud. Leadership has more to do with having a presence and a sense of team.