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Packers President Shares 3 Important Leadership Tips For Success

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Mark Murphy is president and CEO of the NFL's Green Bay Packers (@packers) and a member of PCA's National Advisory Board. Before joining the Packers, Murphy served as athletic director for Colgate University and Northwestern University. Earlier, he was an All-Pro defensive back for the NFL's Washington, DC franchise.

In this video, Mark specifies three qualities he considers important for a leader to possess: humility; good communication skills. including the ability to listen; and being supportive without micro-managing. He emphasizes that it is critical to balance being supportive and hands-on with those you are managing, while still leaving room for them to make decisions.

"The really good leaders understand how to support people," Mark says. "Give them the resources they need to be sucessful, but don't get so involved that they feel like they can't really make decisions without you looking over their shoulder."

Written by Mimi Fhima