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MLB Player Logan Forsythe Shares 3 Simple Traits For Success

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Logan Forsythe is a professional baseball second baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball (MLB). He played in MLB for the San Diego Padres from 2011 through 2013.

In this video, Forsythe shares three simple traits for success:

1) Put in the work

There is no subsitute for putting your nose to the grindstone and working as hard as you possibly can.

2) Listen

A lot of people think they know everything and they've learned it all already. However, there is almost always a coach or more experienced player who has gone through what you have, so listening to these mentors and gleaning everything you can is very important in being successful.

3) Be a good person

While this may not seem like a trait that would result in on-field success, to Forsythe,being a good person means trying to be as selfless as possible and building genuine relationships that help you achieve success.

While these traits do seem simple and can be easier said than done to follow through on, if followed they can result in huge successes both on and off the field.