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Marc Trestman On Treating Opponents With Respect

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NFL Coach Marc Trestman is a PCA National Advisory Board Member. Trestman has 28 years of coaching experience in the NFL, Canadian Football League and collegiately. He is also the author of Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork.

In this clip, taken from an interview prepared exclusively for PCA, Trestman emphasizes his belief in treating opponents with respect. He doesn’t believe in demonizing opponents, because that positions them as lesser beings, which of course is not the case. Opposing players and coaches are hard-working and football-loving individuals who deserve equal respect and signs of good sportsmanship.

He also emphasizes that whatever techniques or skills they use in everyday play, they are never out to hurt another player. There are careers and health at stake, so while it’s important to compete and play hard, it's also crucial to remember that opponents are human beings who deserve respect and a safe work environment.

To see the full interview, click here.