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Keith Van Horn: Parents Must Value Coaches Who Instill Love Of The Game

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Keith Van Horn (@Coach_Keith44) played in the NBA for 10 years, participating in two NBA Finals and finishing his career averaging nearly 16 points and seven rebounds per game. Earlier, he was a Consensus First Team All-America and 1997 ESPN National Performer of the Year at University of Utah.

Keith, a member of PCA's National Advisory Board, currently serves as Executive Director for Colorado Premier Basketball Club, which he founded based on many PCA principles.  Keith is passionate about improving our youth sports culture and writes about his experiences and opinions in his blog, Layups and Rebounds.

In this video, Keith addresses concerns of parents who may not be impressed with the credentials of their kids' coaches, explaining that his own middle-school coach was a friend's dad who had next to no basketball experience. He suggests that parents consider more than just technical coaching expertise, and instead focus on whether their children's coaches are instilling a love of the game, making it fun, and teaching hard work and other important values. Players with coaches like that and a passion for the game tend to go far regardless of the coach's technical credentials.