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How To Conduct Post-Season Coach Evaluations

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Jeaney Garcia (@PCA_Hawaii), former Athletic Director for Punahou School in Honolulu, was a coach, teacher, official and administrator for 25 years. She now holds the position of Executive Director for PCA's chapter in Hawaii.

Evaluating coaching performance at the end of every season is an important task for Athletic Directors. This process is often intimidating for coaches, but there are ways of making evaluations both productive and more supportive.

Begin the process by having the coach conduct a self-evaluation. Then, before the discussion of performance begins, set a positive tone for the remainder of the evaluation to ease any tensions. Ask the coach to answer the following questions:

  • How did you re-define winner?
  • How did you honor the game this season?
  • How did you fill the emotional tanks of your athletes?

These questions get coaches to think about their performance in terms of positively influencing athletes, and helps them de-focus on the outcome on the scoreboard from their season. This should both alleviate stress on their end, and help you evaluate their performance.